FACT BLAST! - Help Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers save the internet!

Note - If you're experiencing performance or sound issues, try closing some programs on your computer and/or a different browser.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tagsgamers, geeks


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Love that you can regain health. "Swig of apple juice"

2 minutes in and I'm laughing my head off. NPC's really do think facts can kill them. If you make a sequel to this game I think it should be called "Fact Blast 2 Jeremy returns to save the internet."


One suggestion, as mentioned by one of my channel viewers, it should say something to the effect, "Welcome to Geeks and Gamers. This is Jeremy coming at you with another levelllllll"


I'm loving the game, and it's proven more than challenging for a side-scroller platformer, but I'm not digging the fact I can't save my game to return to it later.  I left it open in my browser for a couple weeks or so, only to find I'm starting from square one!  D'Oh!

At the beginning of each level (except the first one), you'll see that there's a 2-letter combination you can hold while clicking "play game" to return to that level :) 

You can also see it when pausing the game


I totally love this game and can not get enough of this freaking song...its like in my head like a WHOLE NEW WORLD /Disney song...anyways the only thing missing is Mexican Stunning  and Brave representation...KIDDING T-REV, Kidding! LOL anyways, thanks for doing this for us!


Thank you for being such a strong supporter! I definitely won't forget this request in the future, as serious as it may or may not be :)


Part 2 coming??????? Lol


Absolutely great game, man! So fun. Would be great if it worked on mobile too tho!

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The final boss fight is unfair. The hitboxes keep changing, the bounce is unreliable and the timing seems off.

I don't want a easy mode, I just want it to be fair.

But good game overall.

is all your feedback based on the final boss or do you mean the timing is off overall? Are you using a controller or the keyboard?

I am using the keyboard, and I mean the final boss overall. Especially when I need to guide the rook from one side to the other. When the rock falls, the Fact attack makes it bounce, but the bounce is unreliable. And when I manage to get it to the side, the boss is already leaving to the corner and I can't get it to bounce high enough to hit it.

The rest of the game, no problem and I had a lot of fun.

I'm sure you'll get it if you try some different strategies :) but if you'd rather just see, here's how to beat it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2FWumhyHC8

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This game is impossible, you fail through the floor half the time making the fourth level impossible to beat.


if you’re falling through the floor then you have a low frame rate possibly due to low ram. Try closing some programs or a different browser 

I have 16GB of ram how much do I freaking need?

Yeah I spent weeks trying to prevent this issue and it seems some people just have it regardless of what I do or how good their machine is. Try the level on different browsers and I will continue to try and fix it. 

I'm having the same problem but so far I like the gameplay minus the glitches.


So beautiful to see this up and running. XD


Good work dude!


Thanks man, let me know if you find any bugs I need to patch